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The EMP501 reconciliation is a mandatory bi-annual process that all employers in South Africa must complete to reconcile the total amount of taxes deducted from employees with the total amount paid to SARS. In short this is the reconciliation of the monthly EMP201 returns that need to be submitted on all employees earning a salary. This ensures that your employees’ tax information is correct, and that the PAYE deducted from employees are correctly submitted and paid over to SARS.

By completing an EMP501 reconciliation, you can rest assured that your payroll tax information is accurate and up to date. Omitting to submit the EMP501 returns can lead to penalties and interests at SARS. EMP501 submissions are due bi-annually. The year end reconciliation is calculated for the year ending February. This return includes the IRP5 certificates that taxpayers need to submit their personal Income tax returns. This EMP501 return opened for submission on 1st of April and the closing date is 31st of May.

The interim submission is the mid-year submission for the first 6 months of the year, ending 31st of August. This return opens for submission roundabout 19th September and due date is 31st of October.

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