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We are dedicated to delivering unparalleled accounting, tax, and advisory services with integrity, professionalism, and personalized attention.

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Our goal is to empower individuals and businesses with exceptional financial insights and expertise, fostering financial success and peace of mind. We are dedicated to delivering unparalleled accounting, tax, and advisory services with integrity, professionalism, and personalized attention.

Through our commitment to excellence and innovation, we strive to be trusted partners in our clients’ financial journeys, driving growth, efficiency, and prosperity in every endeavor.


Business Services.Com is to be the preferred provider of professional accounting, payroll and taxation services to businesses and the public in a personalized manner which:

  • Builds long term relationships
  • Provides convenience
  • Produces quick results
  • Offers competitive fees
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Business Services.Com’s Code of Ethics is intended to establish a framework for the implementation of best practices for relationships that we have with our clients. The Code is intended to provide a set of core values that are the basis for all our relationships. Our Code of Ethics is a formal document, and, in brief, it sets out our principles for the following:

  • Trust, truth and honesty
  • Mutual respect and reward
  • Open and frequent communication
  • Obedience to the law
  • Conflict resolution


To provide Professional Services to Individuals and Corporates that is Honest, Just, Professional, Convenient and Timeous.

"I am absolutely thrilled with the exceptional service provided by Business Services. From the moment I reached out for assistance, their team went above and beyond to ensure that my needs were not only met but exceeded."

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Jack Liebenberg is currently a shareholder and director of Business Services.Com. He previously was the owner of The Taxshop Roodepoort South, and shareholder and director in Deftoserve (Pty) Ltd. He was the Managing Director of Tranter Rock Drills, and prior to this, he was the CFO of the Tranter Group. He served on various boards of the Tranter Group. He was the Financial Manager at Exxaro’s New Clydesdale Colliery (NCC). He has over 30 years’ experience in financial management. During his financial career at Matla Colliery, from 1987 to 2002, Jack held various positions from Administration Assistant, Assistant Accountant, Accountant, Financial Accountant, Management Accountant to Financial Services Manager. He was the President of the South African Collieries Administrative and Financial Managers Association (SACAFMA). He was also a member of the Institute of Directors Southern Africa.

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How can I help you? I want to take the day-to-day to do’s away from you.

Lettie is currently the Chief Operating Officer at Business Services.Com where she manages all the operations and is also the client liaison.  With an excess of 20 years’ experience in the accounting industry she was part of the Taxshop Roodepoort South where she was part of the management team.  Before that, Lettie was the Financial Manager at Tactical Risk Control (Pty) Ltd.  She also worked at a school in Mpumalanga where she oversaw the finances.

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How can I help you? I want to help you manage the financial performance of your organisation.

Lize is currently the General Manager at Business Services.Com and holds a B Compt. Degree. Lize is a registered Business Accountant in Practice, registered at SAIBA (Southern African Institute of Business Accountants), as well as a registered Tax Practitioner, registered at SAIT (South African Institute of Tax Practitioners). Prior to joining Business Services.Com, she formed part of the Risk and Internal Audit Department at Liquid Telecom, where she was responsible for providing assurance around Corporate Governance to the Group Audit and Risk Committee. Experience obtained during this time includes implementation of structures and frameworks improving the overall internal control environment. Before she changed her focus to assurance, she was a Financial Accountant at Telesure Group Services, where she was involved in the accounting and financial reporting functions of various affiliates of Telesure Group Services.  Lize, while studying for her B Compt. degree, she worked at KPMG Inc., where she completed her Chartered Accountants’ TIP articles. She was part of, and later Auditor-in-charge and manager of, audit teams that performed financial audits at Sasol, Eskom, various collieries, and businesses in a variety of different industries.

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