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We are accountants that want to help you manage the performance of your organisation.

Want to Grow

Accountants who offer small to medium sized businesses professional finance and advice with our growth management mindset, that enable our clients to achieve their financial goals, and grow.

Improved Cash Flow

Do you analyse your business performance on an ongoing basis?

Tax Compliancy

Do you have efficient tax planning and structure to remain compliant?

Automated Processing

Are you spending a lot of time on admin tasks?

SARS Requirements

Are you ready to be audited by SARS?

We are in business to grow yours

Are you looking for a growth partner in your business to give you sound financial advice or just someone who understands your business and has your best returns at heart?

Who can we help?

Annual Turnover

Is your annual turnover less than R100 million?


Do you have capital assets of less than R20 million?


Does your organisation employ less than 200 employees?

Owners Involvement

Does your organisation have direct managerial involvement by owners? If you are an SME, we want to hear from you!


Our Services



Do you need to outsource your bookkeeping and accounting requirements?


Tax & Compliance

Do you submit your TAX returns timeously to SARS and pay when necessary?


Payroll Services

Do you struggle to pay your employees on time and manage their monthly PAYE and annual IRP5’S?

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Growth Management

Do you need an outsourced CFO in your business to accelerate your growth?

We can help you!

Are you looking for a growth partner in your business to give you sound financial advice or just
someone who understands your business and has your best returns at heart?


30+ Years’ Experience


Service more than 250 clients


Local & Global Experience

Our Happy Clients!

For a small company like ours, Business Services .com has been a very cost – effective service relating to outgoings for our business. The advice & direction we have had from has certainly been effective & rewarding in developing our business. For anyone considering joining them I would say give them a go – Im sure you wont be disappointed.


Business is a business partner and is genuinely interested in helping my company grow. They are friendly, responsive, accessible, provide an excellent service & value for money. Their customer- focused attitude lets you know you’re valued, and I look forward to a long and happy relationship with them. All round a highly recommended service for a small business like ours.


Peres, vv capital, Coben, Brolloks, Kameelbult, Robtrom, Horison “Business services walked with us from the beginning of our business. As we grow, they grow with us. Step by step we worked together. Their employees are always standing by to assist with any of our business needs. Their commitment to their values such as honesty, professionalism, promptness, friendliness, etc makes them one of the best business partners in our Farming and mining companies. We would highly recommend Business Services SA for all your business needs. They have a great team always ready to assist. They have very nice coffee just pop in.


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